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Here at MFP Financial Services, Inc. we know that there is no magic to accumulating wealth-the key is consistent investing. 

Once you are educated about investment opportunities, your destination becomes clear. That's where Chris Mavrakos- The Financial Captain- makes all the difference. Chris is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER TM who spends valuable time with his clients, educating them, transforming their lives and helping them chart their course.  

The goals are health, happiness and personal prosperity. In order to attain these goals, you have to make your way through tough financial waters-to stay on course you need experience to guide the way.

Someone who will navigate with confidence.

Chris has been dedicated to helping his clientele stay invested in both good and bad economic times. His clients benefit from frequent communication and proactive attention to their future.

Chris has believed in these principles so passionately, that it sparked the same drive within his own children. Taylor and Jordan Mavrakos now work with Chris to help you, and your loved ones, secure your financial journey.

Wherever your journey takes you, The Financial Captain will help you navigate the waters and stay on your charted course.

Our website is designed to educate, and inspire you to achieve all your financial goals. If you have any questions, please contact us!