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Products and Services

The future always comes around a little faster than you think- MFP Financial Services, Inc. offers complete investment services designed around individualized strategies to address your unique investment goals.

We take an inventory of your assets, become familiar with your objectives, and construct a portfolio of diversified products designed to make the most out of your time frame.

You need knowledge and planning for yourself and your family, not just a journey without a destination.

Fortunately, you can address your financial concerns and make progress in the big journey. The first leg of the voyage is a meeting with the Financial Captain- Chris Mavrakos.

The time is now! It's never too late to work toward your goals!

MFP Financial Services, Inc. helps our clients:

  • Create & Grow Wealth
    • Suitable Investments
    • Manage Income Tax with Investments
    • Educational Planning for Your Children / Grandchildren

  • Protect & Preserve Wealth
    • Analysis of Overall Investment Portfolio
    • Analysis of Overall Insurance Plan
    • Tax Sensitivity Management

  • Plan the Distribution of Wealth During Life in the Most Tax-Advantaged Way
    • Qualified Retirement Plan / IRA
    • Corporate Executive Stock Options
    • Business Succession Plan
    • Gifting to Children / Descendants
    • Charitable Gifting

  • Plan the Distribution of Wealth at Death in the Most Tax-Advantaged Way
    • Titling of Assets
    • Distribution of Wealth to Spouse, Children and Others

  • Investment Strategies May Include
    • Charitable Gifting
    • Stocks
    • Corporate Bonds
    • ETFs
    • Mutual Funds
    • Municipals
    • Governments
    • CDs
    • Annuities
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Life Insurance 

At MFP Financial Services, Inc., we assist you with your overall financial journey through life. Failing to plan your financial voyage is like planning to fail. Taking into account your cash needs, protection needs, tax planning needs, investment and retirement goals and finally, the titling of your assets and estate in finalizing your overall estate plan, we work to develop your financial future.

We monitor and council our clients on their overall life plan. We go from beyond just advising them about their investments, we look at many other family aspects from guidance on assistance for the care of a parent to financing of a home and the proper term for a mortgage.

Also for our valued clients, we prepare federal and / or state income tax returns and assist in estate planning. Please see the Estate Planning Services section of our website for more information on these services.



*Please note diversification does not ensure a profit and it does not protect against losses in declining markets.